New hub for roadster tours

  • Dear guests and members of!

    Welcome to our new platform for privately organized roadster-tours.

    What is it about? You sure have wondered a lot where you can find people that drive a roadster just like you and want to do that in a group as well. This here will be a gathering point for each and everyone of you :-)

    You are free to register if you're driving a roadster, no matter the make. From the most classic english roadster to the most recent ones like a Miata, Porsche, Lotus, you name it ... you're very welcome.

    How do we imagine this to work? The members work out tours, present them in the forum and then conduct them with the interested members. For this there will be appropriate areas in the forum where there are facts about the tour, the GPX files are stored and the tour photos are uploaded.

    Bye for now!

    Wolfram and Sebastian